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Tacama: the harvest festival

"Tacama has been transformed. (...) It has opened a modern and well-presented tasting room, it has installed a new barrel room and a very well cared for under ground wine cellar, all elements that put it at the level of the most modern wineries in the world".

Gonzalo Pajares

Tacama from Peru

We applaud the effort and seriousness of the winery from which we will continue to expect news.



Carlos de Piérola

A major achievement for Peru

The Sparkling Wild Rose Extra Brut Rose (...) obtained Gold Medal at the Effervescents du Monde competition in France, (...) and a Peruvian sparkling wine has been among the top 10! These results make the quality of Tacama products very clear and open up the possibility for the development of a top quality Peruvian wine industry

Valeria Vega Experiencia Don Manuel con Cata