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Welcome, we appreciate your visit, so please review the following terms and conditions governing the use of the http://tacama.vinesos.com
The use of the website confers the condition of user to whoever uses or accesses it and implies the full acceptance of each and every one of the General Conditions of Use, from the very moment that the site is accessed. It is therefore extremely important that whoever enters the site is only of legal age.
The fact of using and accessing the website constitutes the acceptance of these terms and conditions of use.
These terms and conditions constitute a complete agreement between the user and VIÑA TACAMA, regarding the use of the Website.
VIÑA TACAMA reserves the right to modify the general terms and conditions of use of the web site at any time, notifying the user of the new version with the modifications inserted by means of the publication in the web site, being presumed the acceptance of these conditions, in case the user continues with the use of the web site. Therefore, each time you use this website, you should previously review the following general terms and conditions of use.


By means of this website, VIÑA TACAMA provides users with access to the information contained herein, by which Viña Tacama offers its products and services, being able to modify and update the same, which could even be included in the conditions of use of the site or its services.


This website is for personal use, so the user is not authorized to modify, copy, distribute, disclose, transmit, use, reproduce, publish, assign, sell, partially or totally, the information contained in it, except for information purposes only.
The provision of information in this web site by VIÑA TACAMA is free of charge for the users and does not require previous subscription or registration of the user. Except for the case of acquisition of products or our services.
The user of the web site agrees to use the web site and the services offered by VIÑA TACAMA through it according to the law.

The user is obliged to abstain from using the site and the services for illicit purposes or effects, contrary to what is established in these General Conditions, harmful to the rights and interests of third parties, or in any other way that may damage, really or potentially, the web site or even prevent the normal use of the web site and the information provided to the users.
The user agrees to use the contents of the website in a diligent, correct and legal way, refraining from using them for purposes contrary to the law, public order, morality and good customs and within the limits allowed by law.


The distinctive signs (product and service marks, commercial slogans and commercial names) used in the Web Site are of exclusive ownership and property of VIÑA TACAMA. They are registered before the corresponding authorities in Peru or have the corresponding licenses and authorizations of use for the use of such distinctive signs.
In this sense, the user of the Web Site, and any other third party, is forbidden to use, copy, reproduce, dispose, modify and/or any other form that affects the intellectual property rights of VIÑA TACAMA
It is specified that the User does not acquire any rights by the simple use, nor of the contents of the web site, and at no time will such use be considered as an authorization and/or license for the use of the same for purposes other than those contemplated in these terms and conditions of use.


This website is protected by the current copyright regulations. The copyright of the content, design and information of the Website belong to and are the intellectual creation of VIÑA TACAMA
The user of the web site is expressly forbidden to modify, reproduce, distribute and/or dispose of the copyrights that are part of the content of this web site, without the previous and express consent of VIÑA TACAMA
VIÑA TACAMA, reserves the right to initiate any procedure or actions that it considers convenient against those users or third parties that infringe or contravene the provisions of these terms and conditions.


Viña Tacama markets its products through its authorized distributors, so we always recommend contacting authorized distributors in advance to check the availability of any of our products.
Viña Tacama is not responsible for the information, availability of products or promotions that are offered or supplied by third parties or by the authorized distributors.


The products and services offered by VIÑA TACAMA in this website are subject to the conditions and offers offered. All the products, characteristics, contents, descriptions, specifications, prices of the products and services described or represented in this web site are subject to changes at any time without previous notice. Descriptions that may include weights or similar descriptions are approximate and are provided for convenience. The inclusion of any product on this website at any time does not imply that the product is available at any time. By placing an order, you represent that orders will be used in accordance with all laws.


The terms and conditions of use of the website are regulated by the Peruvian legislation in force. The respective personal data protection and privacy policies are in accordance with Law No. 29733 - Personal Data Protection Law. Supreme Decree No. 003-2013-JUS, which approves the Regulations of Law No. 29733. Information Security Directive, approved by the Directorial Resolution N° 019-2013-JUS/DGPDP and competent regulations, which for further details should be reviewed in the link called "Privacy Policies" in this same web site.
The Terms and Conditions of use of the website as indicated above are of a general nature and are applicable to the use of the content, products and/or services available under the website http://tacama.vinesos.com/. For more information, you should come to our offices or request an appointment at the corresponding contact numbers.
If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you should refrain from accessing and using this website.


We recommend that you also review the shipping, handling, and return policy on this website. Without prejudice to this, you should bear in mind that the products acquired through the website will be subject to the dispatch and delivery conditions available on the site, which may consist of store withdrawal or delivery.
The person who receives or collects the order must always be a person of legal age, and if possible the owner of the purchase. If the person is not the owner of the purchase, he/she must order it from a person who is of legal age, otherwise, VIÑA TACAMA will not deliver the order, thus safeguarding the interests of our customers and users. Thus, VIÑA TACAMA will comply with the regulations in force, which prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages to minors.


The sale of alcoholic beverages to minors under 18 years of age is expressly prohibited, in accordance with Law 28705. Likewise, it must be taken into account that drinking alcoholic beverages in excess is harmful and that if you drink, do not drive.