Our History

The wines we present are the result of years of passionate research, which allows us to provide high quality international products.


The origin of the vineyard: The Spaniard Francisco de Carabantes, vine-grower from Peru, created the Tacama vineyard, the first in South America.


Spain, by a protectionist measure, prohibits the import of wines from Peru. Its distillation is promoted, thus emerging the Peruvian grape brandy: Pisco.



The Tacama Vineyard is now owned by the San Agustín de Ica Convent. The architecture created at that time is maintained until today.



Lima Industrial Exposition: Highest award (Silver Medal) to Mosto Verde de Tacama

Botijas de Pisco


National Exposition: Highest award (Silver Medal) in the categories of Pisco Puro, Moscatel, Italia y Mosto Verde. 

Palacio de la exposición


Manuel Pablo Olaechea Guerrero (1843-1913) acquires Viña Tacama.

Manuel Pablo Olaechea Guerrero (1843-1913)


Dr. Daniel Olaechea introduces French technology to Viña Tacama.

Daniel Olaechea


Dr. Manuel Pablo Olaechea du Bois hires French winemaker Robert Niederman. Historic figures in world viticulture such as Jean Ribereau Gayon, Emile Peynaud, Alain Carbonneau, Max Rivers, and Pascal Ribereau Gayon intervene in the process of technology transfer to the Tacama vineyard.

Manuel Pablo Olaechea du Bois (1916-2014)


An important investment is made for technological improvements in the production process. Tacama guarantees the commitment to present a high-quality Peruvian line.



New Image, New Strains, New Pools. Tacama announces the renewal of its brand image, the inclusion of extraordinary new strains in its wine portfolio and a line of Mosto Verde piscos, the result of decades of passionate research.

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