Complaints and returns policies - Tacama



Partial order shipments will not be made.

The delivery of orders will be made through store pickup, located in Av Argentina No. 4006, and delivery for customers in Lima. For our customers in Ica, we will only pick up the order at the store located in s/n Cas. La Tinguiña Royal Road

We will program the dispatches to the client by zone and by day. The approximate date and hourly range of delivery of your order by our Web and/or the client's mail must be indicated to the client.

Hours of service and delivery of orders in Lima: Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Hours of operation and delivery of orders in Ica: Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday until 1:00 pm.

Shipping coverage in Lima: Magdalena, San Isidro, San Borja, Barranco, Miraflores, Surco, Surquillo, San Miguel, Pueblo Libre, Jesús María, Lince, Cercado de Lima, Chorrillos, La Molina, Villa María del Triunfo, La Victoria, Los Olivos, San Luis, Breña, El Agustino, Santa Anita, Villa El Salvador.

The range of delivery of order is between 24 hr and 48 hr of made the order (Validate with Sandra M. for the configuration in the platform and this is so much for Ica and Lima)

The freight is according to the delivery zone. Regular price is S/ 10.00. It is worth mentioning that these costs will be displayed at the time of purchase through our website. (See Annex No. 1. Ecommerce Delivery Cost Matrix)

Delivery personnel are not authorized to enter the house or apartment. The customer must receive it at the door, according to our "General Protocols for the performance of sales by delivery in front of the Covid- 19". These protocols will also be made known to the customer through our website.

It is a requirement for delivery that the person receiving the order is the "Customer" or a person designated by him and is of legal age and presents his valid ID


If the "Customer" finds any comment on his order or wishes to request an exchange and/or return, he must manage it through our chat box on our website and/or by e-mail: or by dialing the following contact number: 91-309-0453.

It is essential that the customer has the complete product as it was delivered, that is, with all the elements it contains. E.g.: (label, packaging, accessory, etc.) In the same way for those products in promotion or combos.

It is also essential that the customer has the original documentation of your proof of payment (ticket / invoice of the product purchased)


If the refund is approved and/or accepted the following guidelines will be followed:

Refund execution time is up to 7 days maximum.
The processing time is the responsibility of the financial institution and is counted from the execution of the refund.


The delays in delivery of orders could be due to factors related to a wrong address, so we suggest the customer, send a request for attention through our chat box on our website and / or through our mail or by dialing the following contact number: 91-309-0453.


Tacama will update the available product stocks on the Ecommerce page so that the customer can purchase our products.

In case of a possible error in the loading of information of the available stocks by Tacama, we will proceed according to the designed contingency plan.


Tacama will update the prices on the website, but in case there is any error in the price of the products being the correct price of the highest item on the page, Tacama will contact the customer before the product is shipped and/or the order will be canceled and your email will be notified. The customer will be able to request a refund.

The promotions offered in our Ecommerce platform are not necessarily the same as those offered in our other sales channels used.

The terms of validity of the offer, promotion, is that which coincides with the date of validity in our Ecommerce platform or by virtue of the exhaustion of available stock that is reported in our same sales channel.