14 June 2022

Don Manuel Tannat, Don Manuel Petit Verdot, Triunfo Selección Especial Carménère, Triunfo Selección Especial Malbec and Triunfo Selección Especial Petit Verdot were the five awarded wines in the last edition of the contest International Wine Challenge (IWC). Without a doubt, we drink better with Tacama.

The International Wine Challenge (IWC) is a contest of wines that takes place in England, United Kingdom, since 1984. It is considered one of the most rigorous, impartial and influential of the world. “There are blind tastings and each winner sample of the medal is tasted at least three times for a minimum of two panels of juries, which are important international referents”, explains Melina Bertocchi, specialist journalist and creator of Palabra de Vino.


This international contest has a big group of participants, from 52 producer countries. Thus, “wines from 40 different countries have already got recognitions. Some are very exotic, in the wine world, such as Kazakhstan, Sweden, South Korea, and Armenia. The results show that the jury judges the real quality of the wine no matter its origin”, says Frédéric Thibaut, Tacama’s winemaker.


It is worth mentioning that the British customers and consumers follow closely the results of the IWC. Just the English people consume more than 20 liters per person annually, making England a great market and, this contest, a big opportunity. Since 2016, Tacama became one of the annual contestants.



This year, Don Manuel Tannat and Don Manuel Petit Verdot received silver medals. In the IWC, this medal is awarded to wines with scores between 90 and 94 points. “It is a great recognition for the Don Manuel wines. Coming from this reliable contest, they faced an important quality test. Both are well made and represent the style of elegant Peruvian wine, from two varieties well adapted to Ica terroir”, tells Bertocchi.


Don Manuel Tannat received 92 points. “It has much personality, both in nose and in palate. We can find dark fruit, but ripe or in jam, spices, barrel aromas like licorice, vanilla, and a subtle smoke touch”, says the sommelier Gabriela Rovati, after tasting it.


The Tannat grape is famous for being potent, of much structure and alcohol and with a certain hardness that requires time before softens. For Thibaut, the challenge and main achievement of Tacama is giving a Tannat with personality and strength but without any hardness, not even in its youth. And it doesn’t fail. Rovati confirms: “It is incredible the management of the vineyard of the winemaker to achieve a wine with this strength and personality without hard tannins that Tannat might have”.


She suggests pairing it with dishes from medium to high intensity. For its structure, complexity and aromas, Don Manuel Tannat goes great with game meat and grease cuts. A Peruvian pairing can be cabrito a la norteña (lamb), carapulcra with pork ribs and estofado a la arequipeña (stew). Great pleasures.


The wine Don Manuel Petit Verdot got 90 points. According to the comments of the juries of the International Wine Challenge, it is a young and fruity wine, with rhubarb, shiny red fruits and sweet ripe plums. “With much grip and taste”. By the way, in this international contest just four silver medals were awarded to Petit Verdot wines and Tacama’s is one of them.


And now, when should we enjoy this kind of high end wines? “We need to leave this mantle of solemnity that involves the wine world and go back to the beginnings. It is a beverage for drinking on every occasion, an average day can be turned into a special one with a wine”, assures Rovati.



The wines Triunfo Selección Especial Carménère, Triunfo Selección Especial Malbec and Triunfo Selección Especial Petit Verdot also have an award: the Commended, pointing the samples that were praised by the jury. To maintain its prestige, in the IWC is given a reduced percentage of medals, only 30 % reach them. However, the wines that pass over the 80 points can have a recommendation of the juries and obtain the Commended.

The Carménère is characterized for its intense nose of dark fruits (blackberries and blueberries), red fruits, coffee touches and a very soft palate. The Malbec stands out for a fresh nose of red and dark fruits with menthol notes and a freshness and very fruity character in palate. Meanwhile, the Petit Verdot draws attention for its complexity between dark fruit, black olive and slightly menthol, as well as its balance and softness in palate.


By now, we know Tacama is constant in achieving awards in international contests. And that says it all. To acquire the winning wines, you just need to visit supermarkets, liquor stores and auto services, enter the web or write via WhatsApp (+51 913 090 43 Lima/ +51 981 147 078 Ica). For more information about Tacama, enter and/ or check the official pages in Facebook and Instagram.

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