19 August 2022

The winery’s emblem line, the largest and most winner of multiples international awards the International Wine Contest  Bacchus, the International Wine Challenge and the Vinalies Internationales Competition, naming some takes the name that deserves: Triunfo; and transforms its image as a good move.


As such, we can say the Triunfo line before named Selección born in 2000, when the wine Gran Tinto Reserva Especial transformed to Selección Especial Petit Verdot–Tannat. Then it was added the Selección Especial Petit Verdot in 2011 and, in 2013, the Selección Especial Alicante Bouschet, the Selección Especial Carménère and the Selección Especial Malbec. By the way, these sprung as the result of Tacama’s research spirit, because the vineyard wanted to discover which red grapes adapted better to Ica valley and achieved wines with complexity as principal feature. 


In addition to the five reds of the range, it was added two White wines and one rosé: the Blanco de Blancos Tres Cepas Sauvignon Blanc-Viognier-Chardonnay, the Blanco de Blancos Sauvignon Blanc and the Ambrosía Rosado de Nielluccio. Nowadays, it is the largest line in the portfolio, where each product is the worthy expression of its variety and a generous sample of the terroir. Top secret: in 2023 it will add two more whites, the Arrufiac and the Viognier.


Today the Selección line renews its image and transforms into Triunfo. “It is the only name that represents us, because it celebrates the multiples achievements of these wines for Tacama. It symbolizes the triumph of Tacama as a producer, and we wanted the consumer to have the same pride and joy when open each bottle, taste it and give it the approval”, explains Mariela Gutelli, vineyard’s Marketing and Innovation manager.


Inside and outside

That’s so, although maintaining its DNA, the largest line of the vineyard changes its exterior. “We wanted to improve its presentation, reflect the intrinsic quality of each wine, be more competitive in the gondolas and increase the level of perception”, reveals Gutelli.


Amongst the petitions to Caliptra Creative Agency, the agency in charge of the rebranding, it was leaving the generic categorization Selección Especial and Blanco de Blancos that made it famous, to build just one brand that includes all: Triunfo. This is the new name that, given time, will be acquiring fame, even in the design, points out Pablo Pineda, Art Director and Creative of Caliptra.


In that regard, in the label “we crown it with Peruvian flowers, the Bougainvillea, as if they were laurels”, tells Pineda. “They symbolize a triumph crown, a very iconic element. From the Greek and Romans that represented the success with laurels”, says the Marketing manager. On the other hand, for giving a modern image to the line, it was chosen a typography that reflected it.

Let’s talk about the interior. The wines of this grand range are essentially fruity, but, at the same time, complex and of good structure. Given that man does not live of wine alone, we need to know how to pair them. The Selección Especial Triunfo Petit Verdot–Tannat has red and dark ripe fruit notes, and it is notice in palate pepper, licorice and cloves sensations. For that, it is a good companion of beef Ragu and beef stew. The Petit Verdot, 100 % varietal, possesses violet, blackberries, ripe plum and licorice, it is structured and with firm tannins. It goes great with kebab or duck with rice. The Malbec, on the other hand, possesses a fine and delicate aroma, fresh menthol notes and the palate achieve plum jam sensation at the end. It is a must with pasta with tomato sauce or insides.


Now, the Selección Especial Triunfo Carménère, “in nose, at the beginning, gives a sensation of sweet pepper, cherry, strawberries compote, a touch of serrana cherry; and, at the end, of ripe raspberries. In palate, it is highly noticed that everything perceived in nose”, assures the sommelier Ody Contreras. The expert suggests drink it in a temperature between 14 ºC and 16 ºC and pairing it with Bolognese spaghetti with homemade meatballs. Voilà.


About the Selección Especial Triunfo Alicante Bouschet, the sommelier Juver Aliaga says that in nose smells ripe fruit, like blackberry and plum, subtly spiced, the dried laurel stands out, and in palate it is a wine that starts warm, with a medium high density and an end of low persistence. A tip: use a large glass and serve at 16 °C to avoid the caustic sensation of alcohol. According to Aliaga, it is worth pairing it with delicatessen and cured cheeses, tongue stew or meat pizzas.


About the pair of white wines of the range, the Blanco de Blancos Triunfo Tres Cepas, that characterize it for its aroma of pear, quince and apple and floral touches, it is suggested pairing it with menier or sole carpaccio. The Sauvignon Blanc, which stands out for the presence of passion fruit, ripe pineapple, peach, citric fruits and floral notes amongst its aromas, is better pairing it with seafood or Nikei food. Last but not least, the Ambrosía Triunfo Rosado de Nielluccio, that draws attention for its pale pink color, its aroma of grapefruit, toffee and roses and its round and soft palate, it goes great with lomo saltado or pasta with light sauces. One thing is true: this line is a tour for the Tacama’s vineyard through the palate. 


To acquire the wines of the Triunfo line you just have to visit the supermarket, liquor stores and auto services, enter the web or write via WhatsApp (+51 913 090 43 Lima/ +51 981 147 078 Ica). For more information about Tacama, enter and/or visit the official pages on Facebook and Instagram.



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