12 May 2022

For the first time, Peru has been considered in the publication, one of the best wine guides in Latin-American. The inclusion of Tacama in the guide is an honor that recognizes the quality of the wines and the Ica valley terroir.


Descorchados was published for the first time in 1999, in Chile. In the guide, the author and critic Patricio Tapia tasted 600 Chilean wines. Eventually, the tasting extended to products from Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. “It is an important guide, especially in the south region. It gives visibility and highlights the producer work of the zone”, explains Melina Bertocchi, specialized journalist, sommelier and creator of Palabra de Vino.

This 2022, the guide Descorchados has included Peruvian wines for the first time. The sommelier Juver Aliaga says that is something valuable, because it sets the beginning for the country’s wine to be observed further than the attributes already known. Likewise, Eliza Fernández and Carolina Vergel, founders of Caviando.pe, argue that many Peruvian bodegas are getting out of their comfort zone and taking risk with wines of more complexity, high end and new grapevines. “This inclusion in Descorchados makes it satisfactory to take risks”. In this guide, by the way, it tasted the work of 35 bodegas of the country. 


Some of the Tacama wines that Patricio Tapia tasted, rated and incorporated in  Descorchados 2022 are – drum roll— Don Manuel Tannat (92 points), Don Manuel Petit Verdot (91 points), Selección Especial Petit Verdot (91 points), Selección Especial Carménère (88 points), Selección Especial Malbec (88 points), “O” Malbec (90 points), Blanco de Blancos Sauvignon Blanc (88 points), Blanco de Blancos Sauvignon Blanc-Chardonnay-Viognier (86 points), Gran Tinto Malbec-Tannat-Petit Verdot (87 points), Gran Tinto Crianza Malbec (86 points) and Gran Blanco Sauvignon Blanc-Chardonnay-Chenin Blanc (86 points). Therefore, Tacama is the Peruvian vineyard with more products rated.


Tacama’s wines have obtained between 86 and 92 points (on a scale of 80 to 100). Don Manuel Tannat got 92 points, placing it as an excellent wine, according to the tasting of Descorchados. For Melina Bertocchi, this is the emblematic wine in the vinery, synonymous of elegance and potency, and an ode to the Tannat, one of the red varieties that express better in Ica soil. “It is a wine with a long life ahead. It is better if decant an hour before serving and at a temperature of 16 and 18 grades”, adds.


The wine Selección Especial Petit Verdot, on its part, reached 91 points. In the commentary of the tasting, the critic Patricio Tapia said: “It is a great relation of price-quality […]. It has spices, herbs, chocolate tones and dark fruits. The tension of the tannins gives structure and the sensation of red fruits invades the palate”. In the words of the sommelier Bertocchi, this is one of the favorites of the Selección Especial line since it is easy to drink, because it shows a lot of fresh fruit, tasty red fruit and has good acidity and structure. The expert suggests pairing with dishes like lomo saltado and, even, hamburger. 


Another wine tasted, the Blanco de Blancos Sauvignon Blanc-Chardonnay-Viognier, got 86 points that qualified as a wine with a complex bet and suitable to drink daily. Patricio Tapia comments: “With 45 % of Sauvignon Blanc, this is a fresh and gentle white, juicy and with good grip in palate, makes you think in oyster cebiche”. The sommelier Juver Aliaga assures that it is a wine with a fruity nose, more like citric and light in palate. It is also a great idea pairing it with a low-spiced tiradito or like an aperitif.



Facing the inclusion of Peru in Descorchados, any oenophile will ask: what is next for our wines? “This will make Peru keep pushing forward in the production of wine to level Chile, Argentina and Brazil”, says the partners of Caviando.pe. Melina Bertocchi, for her part, believes that in the world of wine the time and patience are the determinant ingredients. “We need to taste, try and bet always for more. To work with authenticity and honesty and, in every possible way, join forces between the producers for Peru as a country and the Peruvian wine as a brand to go abroad and triumph”.


It is the perfect moment to celebrate everything that we left pending. To acquire the Tacama products that appear in the guide Descorchados 2022, you just need to visit supermarkets, liquor stores and auto services, enter the web or write via WhatsApp (+51 913 090 43 Lima/ +51 981 147 078 Ica). For more information about the vineyard, enter www.tacama.com and/or consult the official pages on Facebook and Instagram.



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