17 June 2022

Fresh, fruity, perfect for every occasion, easy to understand and appreciate, the Gran Tinto, Gran Blanco and Gran Tinto Crianza Line of Tacama renews its image, making a difference and starting a new phase with a fresh and renewed look. For Tacama there is no better introduction for those initiating in the world of wine. Cheers!

Do you know that a dry wine is a wine which alcoholic fermentation it can consider finished? It means the yeasts have transformed almost all the sugar in alcohol and carbonic gas. “I consider that the sugar can be an inconvenient in the tasting, because it overshadows or hides the wine characteristics. Therefore, it is believed that the dry will be better for someone that starts consuming wine. These ways will learn to recognize, identify and enjoy the true aromas and flavors per variety, region or origin denomination”, explains Frédéric Thibaut, Tacama’s winemaker.


Tacama’s Gran Tinto and Gran Blanco line is of dry wines; in fact, it was the first one of this type in the vineyard. Among its products, includes the Gran Tinto Tres Cepas Malbec-Petit Verdot-Tannat and the Gran Blanco Tres Cepas Chenin-Chardonnay-Sauvignon Blanc. This pair exists from some decades ago. The used varieties have been changing along the vineyard history, but the central concept has always been the same: flawless dry wines, fruity and clear with an affordable price for the consumer.



Gran Tinto is emblematic. It is made with the three varieties of red that have adapted faster and better to the natural conditions of Ica, where Tacama is located. In its favor, it has the clarity, fruit and simplicity. Moreover, in the last Expovino Wong it was chose as the best red of less than s/ 60. The Gran Blanco stands out for being fruity (peach, apple and pear), well balanced and with the right acidity.


To this pair was added Gran Tinto Crianza Malbec in 2011. And it was a wise decision. It is a varietal wine 100% Malbec that age in barrel of French oak. A crianza wine, by the way, it is one that passes six months in barrels and 12 months in bottles before seeing the market. The barrel gives it complexity, because it is developed others aromas, more than fresh fruit, and won in touch of light toast and sweet species.


This line has a youthful and fresh image of Viña Tacama. It is our letter of introduction for beginners in the world of wines. With it, we know that we won’t disappoint and, through its wines, we invited them to discover the other flavors, balance and ambition of the higher ranges”, assures the winemaker.



This rebranding of the line and the Tacama wines and sparkling are part of a Project that started in 2020”, says Mariela Gutelli, marketing manager. To be aligned to the market, please the new consumer and be more competitive, this time it is Gran Tinto and Gran Blanco turn.


The rebranding, which process lasted two months approximately, includes an illustration in the label that homage the Tacama’s bell tower, its trees, mountains and vineyard. It transports us to Ica. The idea is for the consumer to visualize this magic vineyard and immerse in it. Also, in the labels it was used a deep color range to achieve a higher impact in the gondola and that the consumer could easily recognize the wines, says Pablo Pineda, art and creative director of Caliptra creative Agency, firm in charge of the rebranding of the company.


The new look has been achieved with a modern and contemporary typography. This is part of a new identity, not just of this packaging, but of all Tacama. From the beginning of the year, a change of image of the brand and its line has been elaborating. “One of the pillars regarding the aesthetics was bringing subtleness, details, sobriety and expression in each typography selected. Of course, although we use as base the typographies, we made necessary adjustment and tweaks to win unique identity and personality in each line”, explains the art director.



How to pair these three wines? Pedro Cuenca, sommelier and director of Peruvino, has the answers. The Gran Tinto Tres Cepas, for its marked tannins and its good acidity, with a Lomo saltado or a pasta with Bolognese sauce; the Gran Blanco Tres Cepas, for its freshness and delicate flavor, with a causa limeña or a maki acevichado; and the Gran Tinto Crianza Malbec, for its friendly tannins and well balance, with a gut or thick rib or, if you want a creole meal, with seco de carne with beans.


The sommelier suggests: drink the reds in a temperature between 14°C to 16°C. Better if is in a glass Bordelesa (or any with sufficient space for oxygenate). On the other hand, the white wine is better to drink between 6°C to 8°C but 45 minutes in the refrigerator and it doesn’t require a special glass. It can be any medium one you have in the house.


Take note! They also work great for cocktails for being dry wines. “Because of not having residual sugars of its fermentation, the characteristic descriptors of the wine grapes can take the lead”, says the bartender Alexander Holender. Therefore, he suggests a Tinto de Verano, great for these sunny days, with the Gran Tinto Tres Cepas. “Not having to pass for barrel, its tannic charge is slightly minor and its acidity is more vigorous which is really good for this refreshing cocktail”, says. With Gran Blanco Tres Cepas, Holender suggests make a Blanco de Verano. Thanks to its balance of tropical fruits and acidity it is perfect for this cocktail. Very welcome, for sure.


- 2 oz Gran Tinto Tres Cepas
- 1 oz fresh orange juice
- 1 Mr. Perkins Pink Soda
- 1 orange slice
- 1 mint or peppermint sprig

In a tall glass with lot of ice, add first the wine. Then, the orange juice and fill with Pink Soda. Stir slightly. Garnish, inside the glass, with a slice of orange and a sprig of fresh mint.



- 2 oz Gran Blanco Tres Cepas
- 1 spoon of diced pineapple
- 1 Mr. Perkins Tonic water Blossom
- 1 pineapple slice
- 1 pineapple leaf

In a tall glass with a lot of ice, add first the wine. Then, the diced pineapple and fill with tonic water. Stir slightly. Garnish, inside the glass, with a slice and leaf of pineapple


To acquire the products and appreciate the rebranding of Tacama, just visit supermarkets, liquor stores and auto service, enter the web or write via WhatsApp (+51 913 090 43 Lima/ +51 981 147 078 Ica). For more information of Tacama, enter a www.tacama.com and/or consult the official pages in Facebook and Instagram.

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