19 August 2022

The wines of the Alta Gama line, of extraordinary quality, with complexity, persistence and aged in oak barrels, are intended for the palate of a knowledgeable, passionate and curious audience. This 2022, it renews its image and shows why Tacama makes wine like no one.

The superiority of the Alta Gama line is due to the quality of the fruit selected in specifics parcels, more detailed and fine vinifications than the usual and aged in French oak barrels. Nowadays, the Alta Gama line is formed by Don Manuel Tannat, Doña Ana Chardonnay and Don Manuel Petit Verdot


“It is an exclusive, sober and elegant line. The names of the wines are an homage to beloved members of Tacama Family”, tells Mariel Gutelli, Marketing Manager. The story of the range started with the launched of Don Manuel Tannat in 2001 the tests started in 1999continuing with Doña Ana Chardonnay in 2005, and the Don Manuel Petit Verdot in 2012. They were wise decisions.



The Don Manuel wines are homage to Manuel Pablo Olaechea Guerrero, who got the Tacama vineyard in 1889; meanwhile Doña Ana pays tribute to José Antonio Olaechea’s mother, current chairman of the board of Tacama. 


Don Manuel Tannat with its dark color, it is a powerful wine, intense, with much structure and persistence and, at the same time, softness and harmony. Its aromas are of dark fruit and sweet spices, like cloves. “It has ripe, silky tannins and we can pair it with meat with a good quantity of grease, cold meat and ripped cheese”, suggests Ronald Carhuas Huaman, Mayta restaurant sommelier. Also, he suggests serve it in a glass of 15 °C.


Doña Ana Chardonnay, the sommelier says is a clean wine, bright, yellowish with gold reflects. “With sensations of tropical fruits, mango touches, peaches, pineapple and, with a little oxygenation, spices notes. In palate, it is fresh with medium acidity”, adds Carhuas. It goes great with fish and seafood, like shell, lobsters and shrimps, and meat with little grease, for example, the chicken and turkey. In this case, serve at 10 °C. Exquisite.


Don Manuel Petit Verdot has a deep color with purple reflects. “In the nose, it possesses menthol and floral (violet) notes and wins in complexity with dark fruits (blackberries), toasted bread and coffee. Of soft texture and sweet sensations”, says Frédéric Thibaut, Tacama’s winemaker. It is suggested pairing it with stews and serve at 15°C. 


Here is a tip: open the wines of the Alta Gama line 10 minutes before, to oxygenate with calm and not need a decanter. 



Regarding its image, the original design was subtly modified, because the goal was to preserve the existent look but update it to give it relevance in the market. It maintains the medal, for example, because it is an element —made with a material called Xamac and engraved in high relief— very representative of the prior packaging and we wanted the audience to keep recognizing the product. 


The picture of Tacama vineyard is also present. “It is our emblem, the bell tower is an icon and an international referent of the vineyard and, in this emblematic line, it was essential that appears”, explains the brand’s marketing manager. Here, the change is in the style of illustration.The current one opts to old lithography, engraving or stamps of the beginning of the last century. It was intended to transmit the winery prestige and seniority, not to be a vintage label, but  rather classic”, explains Juan Gabriel Martínez, designer of Caliptra Creative Agency, the one in charge of this job. 


Moreover, as part of the renovation, it was included a frame that transport to a style between colonial and Incan, and for the typography was chosen one more traditional and formal. The colors selected for the line, very classic and dark, add to the concept elegance and trajectory. “A product with good design and printing sells more in the market. Once the consumer has settled the budged for expending, looks at the gondola and the choice impulse longs about 6 second. Therefore, the impact of the label is the most relevant”, sustains Javier Iberto, Latam Manager of Eadec group (Ecological adhesive labels), in charge of the fabrication and printing of the label of this range. And he is totally right.


To acquire the line products, you just have to visit supermarkets, liquor stores and auto services, enter the web or write via WhatsApp (+51 913 090 43 Lima/ +51 981 147 078 Ica). For more information about Tacama, enter www.tacama.com and/ or consult the official pages in Facebook and Instagram.




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