Tacama presents Demonio de los Andes “Parras Centenarias”, a luxury Pisco to celebrate the pride of being Peruvian

12 August 2022

The first vineyard in South America is launching a product like no other: Pisco made from grapevines that are over one hundred years old, cultivated using traditional Pre-Columbian methods, and with unparalleled tasting notes. Demonio de los Andes “Parras Centenarias” is an exclusive product for lovers of the good drinking.

In a year where many companies had to take a step back, Tacama is surprising the world with a new and exclusive product: Demonio de los Andes “Parras Centenarias”. The lines’ iconic Pisco is a limited-edition that, due to its origin and extremely high quality, is considered a high-end luxury spirit.


“This Pisco comes from the few remaining Peruvian Pisco grape plantations that are over 120 years old. For many years, they have been cultivated using Pre-Hispanic methods and watered by the Achirana canal. They are planted ungrafted and produce very small amounts of grapes”, explains José Antonio Olaechea, president of Tacama’s Board. He specifies that, because these plants have existed for so many years, their fruit is superior and unlike any other.


Tacama is the first vineyard in South America. The vine arrived at Peru with the Spaniards, and, years later, viticulture expanded to the rest of the continent. Hence, it is no wonder that these master distillers, with sharp senses and ample experience, brought Demonio de los Andes “Parras Centenarias” to existence. “When we distilled the wine from these grapes, we realized that it was like no other in the world and that we had to promote it separately”, affirms Olaechea.



Frederic Thibaut, master winemaker at Tacama, highlights that, because these are ancient plants, the grapes that they produce are from a different time period: “They have adapted to the terroir of the Ica Valley, they rooted deeply in sandy-loam soil and they know the territory’s solar exposure perfectly well.” Moreover, he points out that, because they are not watered through drip irrigation but instead in the traditional fashion—flood irrigation—, they produce a lower number of grapes as compared to young plantations. Thus, the fruits of these plantations benefit from having higher concentrations. The result? “Completely transparent pisco, with herbal, floral, and white fruit aromas and flavor, with an extremely pleasurable persistence”, the expert highlights.


Tacama’s new Demonio de los Andes “Parras Centenarias” Pisco includes two versions: Quebranta and Acholado. “Each bottle is priced over 150 dollars and only as many as 200 of each type will be produced”, mentions Mariela Gutelli, Marketing manager. She adds: “With this launching, Tacama seeks to position itself as the highest quality company in terms of global Pisco production. With this addition, our brand Demonio de los Andes will transform into the leading Pisco brand in the market. It is a limited edition, not an easily obtainable bottle.
Further, its aesthetic and presentation are similar to that of a sophisticated perfume. This is a luxury product, a very fine gift for a deeply esteemed person.”


In terms of when to consume it, Gutelli asserts that Demonio de los Andes “Parras Centenarias” is ideal for the most special occasions. “These is almost no bartending involved, it is to be consumed on its own or with a small detail. Perfect for after a meal, or even before, as an aperitif. For sybarites, it can be a great pairing with a good cigar or for moments of deep contemplation, enjoyment, or reflection”, she expresses.



The official launch of the Demonio de los Andes “Parras Centenarias” Pisco is scheduled for March, in Miami (United States), one of Tacama’s main markets. In Peru, it will be available only through a direct distribution channel and a small number of bottles will have the spotlight in Lima’s best dining spots.


“This 2021, we celebrate 200 years of our independence, without a doubt an excellent opportunity to toast with this Pisco, whose grapevines knew a young Peru”, asserts José Antonio Olaechea. “For us, it symbolizes a fair recognition of all of Tacama’s employees during the last 120 years. Everyone who contributed to the development of this company that today is a source of pride for the national industry”, he emphasizes.


In effect, both the brand’s image and Peru’s prestige as a producer of Pisco will grow with this new product, when the country most needs it. “Tacama thinks big and focuses on how to improve and offer higher quality products for its customers; more sophisticated, exclusive and elegant”, mentions Mariela Gutelli. The company sustains a titanic fight for the Pisco denomination of origin and defends it throughout the world. With the launch of Demonio de los Andes “Parras Centenarias”, Tacama renews its promise of creating exceptional products through the best that grapevines can produce.

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