San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021: Tacama Piscos triumph

11 May 2021
San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021

Tacama competed for the first time, and in its debut earned four
medals for its Piscos.

Tacama participated for the first time in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in United States and it won. Demonio de los Andes Acholado, Demonio de los Andes Quebranta, Gran Demonio de los Andes Italia and Gran Demonio de los Andes Albilla Piscos earned medals. Four spirits to treat yourself.

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC) was founded in 2000, a competition of spirits beverages that is one of the oldest and most prestigious of the world. The SFWSC is recognized for the quality of its judges – renowned experts in their fields and with decades of industry experience– and for the variety of categories in the competition. “The countries who participate are United States, Mexico, Chile, Japan, China, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Sweden, England, Canada, Scotland, Netherlands, Jamaica, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore. It gives the impression that there is not a spirit that can compete internationally” says Frédéric Thibaut, oenologist of Tacama. It usually takes three days of tastings – for the pandemic, it occurred over a three-week period- and each medal granted is a testimony of hard work for the participating brand and it is an indicator of the exceptional quality of the product. We cannot ask for more.


This year’s edition, Tacama competed for the first time, and in its debut earned four medals for its Piscos. Demonio de los Andes Acholado won the double gold medal – for the Best Pisco and Best Brandy of the contest -, Gran Demonio de los Andes Italia achieved a gold medal, Gran Demonio de los Andes Albilla also gained a gold medal and Gran Demonio de los Andes Quebranta earned a silver medal. “We send four samples to San Francisco and we have received four awards. For the consumer, this proves that we offer an unbeatable quality/price relationship”, affirms the oenologist. “This achievement places Tacama among the most recognized brands in the world and as it establishes the brand as a referent”



Currently, Demonio de los Andes, the line of pure Pisco that was born in 1965, has five labels. In addition to Acholado and Quebranta Pisco, there is Moscatel, Albilla and Italia. “When we say pure, we refer Pisco spirits which all sugar of the must is absorbed during the fermentation process. In other words, Pisco beverages of this selection are fine, with a good structure in mouth, medium-astringency and little aromatic protagonist. These beverages are the purest expression of our grapes for Pisco” explains Holender.


Let’s talk about the winners of SFWSC. Demonio de los Andes Acholado, the star of the contest with its double gold medal, it is a harmonious blend of four grape varieties: Albilla, Italia, Moscatel and Quebranta. This Pisco has earned 26 awards of 170 obtained by range of Demonio de los Andes in all its history. “The smell of Acholado is complex, fresh fruits, citric flavors and aromatic herbs, it has a very pleasant taste. In mouth, it is a correct Pisco, very equilibrated, silky, unctuous, velvety and slightly sweet” exposes Cesibell Sánchez, taster of Pisco and director of “Piscos y Tacos”. 

Meanwhile, Demonio de los Andes Quebranta that won a silver medal, stands out by “its flavor to dried fruits as almonds, blond raisins. In taste, it is slightly sweet with a pleasant and persistent roasted aftertasteaffirms the taster. They are a collection of sensations (and all of them are pleasant ones). 


Regarding Gran Demonio, it is the line of Pisco of green must of Tacama. It is the recent line, it was delivered in 2013 and it includes grapes as Italia and Albilla, as well as Quebranta, Moscatel and Acholado grapes. In these kinds of Piscos, fermentation is incomplete, it means, distillation is produced before all the sugar was transformed in alcohol. “There are expensive to elaborate because they need nine or ten kilograms of grapes per liter”. However, it is worth since the sensation of soft in mouth is unique” points the oenologist of Tacama.


The winner, Gran Demonio de los Andes Italia, earned the Golden medal in SFWSC 2021 and it is noted by its “smell of flower aromas and citrus scene typical of Italia’s grapes, but without exaggeration and it does have a lot of elegancy”, mentions Thibaut.


Gran Demonio de los Andes Albilla, the other winner with a gold medal, “is based on the star grape of Tacama: the oldest plots in the vineyard are the ones for Albilla and its vines produce grapes full of aromatic potentials, nothing compared to others. Therefore, it is a Pisco of a great finesse, delicacy and enveloping taste in mouth, expressive in nose and with descriptions that remember the light citrus, fruits peaches and other tropical fruits”, emphasizes the bartender, Alexander Holender. Pisco of green must are, definitely, very special products and therefore they are only produced one among 1000 to 1200 bottles per year. 



Pure Pisco are very elegant, with a good structure and permanence in mouth, and Pisco of green must are very aromatically expressive, low astringency and higher density. “While the pure ones have a time to rest, at least six months, the green must ones have around ten months or more which helps that their aromatic expression be deeper and its taste in mouth be gentler,” mentions Alexander Holender. What is your plan? The bartender of Tacama takes the opportunity to teach us his recipes with the winner spirits of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. There are enough reasons to remember why we love Pisco. 





  • 2 oz of Pisco Demonio de los Andes Acholado
  • 2 oz of grapefruit juice
  • 3 oz of tonic water
  • 2 sliced strawberries 
  • 1 fresh mint sprig



In a highball glass, add crushed ice up to fill the glass, sliced strawberries and then Pisco. After that, add grapefruit juice and pour it with tonic water. Swirl lightly with a teaspoon and garnish with a fresh mint sprig.




- 1 oz of Pisco Demonio de los Andes Quebranta

- 1 oz of rosso vermouth (Cinzano or Cocchi Americano)

- 1 oz of Campari

- 0.5 oz of mezcal

- 1 lime peel

- 1 small edible flowers bouquet 



In a shaker with four large ice cubes, add Pisco, rosso vermouth, Campari, mezcal and refresh for around 10 seconds. Then, filter all the liquid with a hawthorne or julep strainer, pour into an old-fashioned glass that has a large ice cube. Flavor with lime peel by placing it in the glass. Garnish with edible flowers.





- 2 oz of Pisco Gran Demonio Italia

- 1 oz of pineapple syrup

- 2 oz of pineapple extract or juice

- 0,5 oz of Tahiti lime juice

- 1 spoon of diced pineapple

- a couple of pineapple leaves

- 1 dried pineapple wedge


In a shaker with eight ice cubes, add all the liquid ingredients and diced pineapples. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Serve all the content including ices in a highball glass or coupe cocktail glass. Fill with more ice cubes if necessary. Garnish with leaves and dried pineapple. 




- 2 oz of Pisco Gran Demonio Albilla

- 1 oz of Grand Marnier

- 3 oz of fresh clementine juice

- ¼ oz Tahiti lime juice

- 1 clementine wedge

- 1 fresh lemon balm sprig



In an old-fashioned glass, add all the ingredients, stir with a teaspoon and fill the glass with crushed ice. Garnish with the clementine wedge and fresh lemon balm sprig. 

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