19 August 2022

The renewed Origen Line includes three blends, always with a base of Malbec aged 12 months in two-year barrels, that are an ode to this red variety. These three wines represent a guarantee in fruit, freshness and complexity. And with a new name and packaging, we will see them in all its brilliance since January of next year.

In 2017 “O” Malbec & Malbec was born, a wine aged in two-year French oak barrels. Why? To give it more complexity without crushing its fruity character, as a new barrel could do. Good news! To this red, this year is added the “O” Malbec & Petit Verdot and the “O” Malbec & Carmenère, a pair that have also been aged in barrels of two years. In short, complex blends wines, but fruity, fresh and easy to drink, adaptable and innovative.


This line, with its three wines, shows the flexible that is our Malbec of Ica. It adapts many different vinifications and easily mixes with others varieties, letting them to express in the mix”, sustain Frédéric Thibaut, the vineyard oenologist. Thus, the “O” Malbec & Malbec is the perfect alliance between fresh touches (eucalyptus) and sweet touches of wood (tobacco, coffee). The “O” Malbec & Petit Verdot, in nose, starts very fruity with black cherries and blackberries and evolves to violet notes, species (nutmeg), licorice and slightly smoked. Last but not least, the “O” Malbec & Carmenère starts with fresh dark fruits (blackberries, blueberries); then, the notes of aromatic herbs, like laurel and eucalyptus; and finally, express the sweetest notes, like marshmallows. “In palate it’s noticed dark chocolate and coffee flavors”, adds Thibaut.

Before being named Prime, this line is now renewed under the name of Origen, because there is no better way to talk of Tacama and its history, which starts in 1540, making it the first vineyard Peru and South America. This change is also made by the necessity of the winery to give it a more consistent identity to the line, because its first wine the “O” Malbec already has the “O” in the name.


The goal of this rebranding is update the label, but without losing the essential and looking to increase the perception level in the consumer. “The product, oenologically, is high quality, so the packaging should reflect that'', adds Juan Gabriel Martínez, designer in Caliptra Creative Agency, the agency in charge of the project.


The central element: the “O”. From an old family emblem, it remains in the label with its singularity. This time, in an aged copper tone that alludes to the vineyard trajectory and adding four thick lines that represent the four elements water, fire, air and earth that refer to the concept of Origen . Around it the rays remain, but are more subtle in order to not competing and be just a detail. “It invites the consumer to touch the label and enjoy, not just by consuming the product, but before and after doing it”, explains the designer.


Also, a suitable Tacama phrase is added. “In the origin of things is where extreme purity is found, there they are unaltered, pristine and original”, says the label. This originated from the idea to reinforce the line concept: original, pure, flawless.


If we focus on the pallete, the “O” Malbec & Malbec continues with the prior black in the packaging, since it is already recognized by the audience. For the new wines of the line the “O” Malbec & Petit Verdot and the “O” Malbec & Carmenère it was searched for contrasting colors: copper and white, respectively. With this rebranding, Tacama’s desire is for “the consumer to discover local products, give them a chance and recognize, when trying it and living the experience, that meets (or exceeds) the expectations of many international brands'', affirms Mariela Gutelli, Tacama’s marketing manager. Breaking paradigms and prejudices, for sure.


By the way, the “O” Malbec & Malbec can be pair with lean meats, delicate, not much grease, for example, with alpaca. And, about the “O” Malbec & Petit Verdot, César Huanachi, Osaka’s sommelier, tasted the wine and said: “the Petit Verdot each time surprises more in Peruvian soil. The volume and the material in the palate are very recognizable, for the even sandy sensations in its texture, the dark fruit its present, but the Malbec contributes with lots of fresh fruit. It has a wide range of fruits in the aromas, between red and dark, the tannin is refined and the structure is medium, but a bit dry”. Therefore, suggests pairing it with a complemented meal with more ingredients and with more structure, like a stewed with sauce, a lomo saltado or a medium grease meat cut. A tempting offer.


Huanachi considers the “O” Malbec & Carmenère of a fresher style “The tannin is present in a way that accompanies the wine delicate. The color is a very bright and lively violet, which shows youthfulness, and the acidity is well integrated in the composition. It is versatile, goes great with meals like crisp pork with a sauce slightly sweet, goat and spicy meat”. A tip: cool down to 15 or 16°C to enjoy its freshness. 10 minutes in the refrigerator is enough.


It is true: everyone finds pleasure tasting the wines of the Origen Line. However, according to Frédéric Thibaut, since having superior complexity, the true wine lovers can especially appreciate it. We refer to those who like to reflect and analyze its sensations in front of a wine glass. Do you feel identified? So, let’s drink and eat!


To acquire the products of the renewed Origen line, just visit supermarkets, liquor stores and auto services, enter the web or write via WhatsApp (+51 913 090 43 Lima/ +51 981 147 078 Ica). For more information about Tacama, enter and/or consult the official pages on Facebook and Instagram.



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