14 December 2022

They are made and though for celebrating life. Three whites and one rosé are the protagonists in the sparkling wine line of Ica valley, and this year are going to renew its image. For let us go through in this sensorial travel, we need to learn how to drink this wines and with what pairing it according to experts.


Since 1960, Tacama has been the pioneer in the production of sparkling wine in the country. We are talking about its wines of grapes adapted to the terroir in Ica valley and harvested by hand, with French aroma and some gasification, it means, fine bubbles. Also, they are products of natural extended fermentation for months at low temperature.


In this line, the first to be born were Orquídea Negra Brut Blanco and Magnolia Alba Semiseco. After studying these two existent, came up Rosa Salvaje Extra Brut Rosé and Amancae Salvaje Extra Brut. “The sparkling wines require specific grapes, machines, processes and specialists. Long ago, Tacama started this challenge and now Peru can enjoy this amazing sparkling wines that possess all that a champagne or cava should have”, affirms Mariela Gutelli, the vineyard’s Marketing and Innovation manager 


Now, the Orquídea Negra Brut Blanco is made with the grapevines Sauvignon Blanc, Ugni Blanc and Chenin, and has a pale yellow color. In nose, it gives us aromas of apple and pear; in palate, it gives a citric touch and complexity of walnut and hazel. The Magnolia Alba Semiseco, also made with these three grape varieties, stands out for its higher sweetness and well balance between acidity and freshness. 


Meanwhile, the Amancae Salvaje Extra Brut is based exclusive in Sauvignon Blanc. Therefore, in nose it is also felt those aromas of apple, pear and nuts. The popular Rosa Salvaje Extra Brut Rosé, apart from Sauvignon Blanc, includes the red grape Petit Verdot and its intense bright pink. In nose, it has aromas of raspberry, cherry and strawberry, and in palate it feels the complexity of its red and dark fruits. This pair of the sparkling wine line of Ica valley is called wild, according to the winemaker Frédéric Thibaut, because they don’t have added sugar at the end of the process and are drier.



The essence of Tacama’s Espumosos line is still the same. This 2022, however, it will be launched with a new presentation with a fresher and more delicate air, which maintains its elegance and shines on any shelf. This has been the goal for this rebranding in this product range for Tacama.


Among the changes, all the sparkling wine are adopted names of flowers (the Rosa Salvaje Extra Brut Rosé already has it since its origin), since the Amancae Salvaje Extra Brut used to be just Salvaje Extra Brut, the Orquídea Negra Brut Blanco only had the name of Brut and the Magnolia Alba Semiseco was simply Semiseco. “Nothing better for identifying the exuberance, freshness and beauty of each product than flowers that can be found in different zones of Peru”, explains Mariela Gutelli. 


Thus, unity is given to the line. “Each of the products had a different image and that generated a disconnection, because there wasn’t a guiding thread that unify them”, adds Pablo Pineda, art director and creative of the agency Caliptra. For that, besides the renaming, the new labels include the illustration of bunch of flowers of each varietal. Also, the color palette was kept similar tones to the prior, but more vibrant and less dull, to has a better visualization in the shelves, according to the art director. 



We already want to taste them, but we need to know how. The Orquídea Negra Brut Blanco is perfect for pairing, for example, with spicy shrimps; meanwhile the Magnolia Alba Semiseco goes great with fish and seafood; and the Amancae Salvaje Extra Brut, with citric salad or sushi.


For Rosa Salvaje Extra Brut Rosé, the professional sommelier Joseph Ruiz suggests pairing it with Chinese food or Nikkei. “Even if it has many species or spiciness, because the slightly sweetness helps to complement those elements. Snacks like canapés with colored fishes, like salmon or tuna, are a good idea”, says the expert. For Margite Torres, editor of the magazine Sommelier, it is a sparkling ideal for aperitif. She also pairs it with white and creamy cheese like Camembert or Brie. “I like its color, its bubbles are delicate and persistent and its aromas of red fruits are very present”, says Torres. 


Take note, the sommelier Ruiz suggests drink this sparkling wine at a temperature of 8 °C and in a glass of white wine —except the flute one— allowing to sense more the aromas. And the editor suggests use an ice bucket to avoid warming the bottle. Our goal: that this line turn into a good ally to celebrate anything, from special moments to the daily ones. Because that is what life is about, right?


To acquire Tacama’s sparkling wines you just have to visit supermarkets, liquor stores and auto services, enter the web or write via  WhatsApp (+51 913 090 43 Lima/ +51 981 147 078 Ica). For more information about Tacama, enter and / or visit the official ages in Facebook and Instagram.



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