12 August 2022

The Tacama’s icon line —formed by a red and a white wine— will be released in the next few months. Everyone who considers themself as a wine connoisseur wouldn’t want to miss it, because there is no other local brand with products with these characteristics. A limited edition, expression of its terroir, unique and elegant, Hanan will be the dream of every wine lover.

The highest wine in a bodega portfolio is called “Icon”. According Frédéric Thibaut, Tacama’s oenologist, it is a tradition of the New World vineyards, like Argentina, Chile, New Zealand and Australia. This way, Tacama joins this custom  and will soon present its Icon Line under the name of Hanan, a Quechua word that mean the sublime, noble, special, and goes with the idea for Peruvian vineyard to always keep evolving.


The new line includes two wines, one red blend and one white. The Red is Hanan Tannat Carménère.  The Tannat gives strength, structure, volume and persistency with spiced and sweet notes. The perfect integration between the wood and wine. And with the Carménère, the idea was to cheer it up and brings a fresh touch of dark fruit.


By the way, the Tannat of this wine are from the parcels Cayetano and Ana Sofía, meanwhile the Carménère are from the parcel Santiago of Tacama. The Cayetano was planted in 2007 and Ana Sofía and Santiago, in 2008. “The plants of three parcels are grafted or cloned —vegetable descendants of a special grapevine— chosen it in France. To have different clones allows increasing the wine complexity”, assures the oenologist. Thus, the Hanan Tannat Carménère is aged one year in one-use barrels, filled after mix the Tannat and Carménère. A fact: it doesn’t use a new barrel to allow the combination to express fully.



The White wine of the Icon line is the Hanan Sauvignon Blanc. “It is a variety very noble that, in good natural conditions, offers freshness, vivacity and a well balance with aromatic complexity and some volume in mouth”, reveals Thibaut. It is a grapevine that can guarantee the technical and, for its fame, the commercial success.


Although is a monovarietal wine, we wanted to get complexity, therefore, we associated two parcels very different.Juan de Dios has a very sandy soil near the Ica River, meanwhile Marcilly has a loam with more deepness. Juan de Dios is older, because was planted in 2000, and Marcilly in 2012. Juan de Dios will give a wine more dry, while Marcilly will give a wine with more volume in mouth and more persistence” explains Frédéric Thibaut.


In the case of the Hanan Sauvignon Blanc, the barrels are filled from the beginning. The Sauvignon ferments and it’s keep in the barrel for six month. Here, we wanted to the wood to give the aromatic complexity and a bit of volume in mouth in order to elevate the white wine category, but with a short contact time to conserves the fresh and citric aspect of the Sauvignon. Ready to win.


How to pair the wines?

Who have a Hanan Tannat Carménère will find a wine with a nice color, very deep and with purple reflections. Very intense in nose, with different layers, meaning, complexity.  First, dark fruit such as cherry, plum and blueberries. Second, the contribution of oak and with sensations of sweet custard and, last, graphite touches. In mouth, its great volume and softness of the tannins captivates. It is a dry wine of much sweetness.


For El Tambo Tacama sommeliers, for its time aged in the barrel, this wine will goes great with different cut for grill, especially those that are close to the bone and with some of grease. It also goes great with intense or ripe cheese with a bit of salt, like Machengo or Pecorino


With the Hanan Sauvignon Blanc, on the other hand, you will find a yellow wine, slightly gold due its aging in the barrels; in nose with notes of vanilla and citric fruits (orange, lemon), and will get your attention for its volume, silk character and the persistence.This White goes well with grease cut of fish tuna, swordfish or Bonito, as well as shellfish of strong taste, like sea urchin or mussels”, suggest the sommeliers. A selection of soft-ripened cheeses, like Gouda or Camembert, is also a great idea for pairing.

By the way, the Hanan line will be a very special and reduced production with numbered bottles: 2500 each wine. “The presentation has a European style, like the labels of French wines. It is elegant, serious, distinguished, it has a monogram a figure made by the letters of the name, a sealing wax and with the wine specifications”, says Mariela Gutelli, Tacama Marketing manager. In short, two special wines.

Acquire the wines after the release, visiting supermarkets, liquor stores and auto services,  entering the web or writing  via WhatsApp (+51 913 090 43 Lima/ +51 981 147 078 Ica). For more information of the brand, visit a www.tacama.com and/ or the official pages in Facebook and Instagram.

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