Celebrate the Peruvian bicentennial with Tacama

21 July 2021
Tacama Peruvian bicentennial

This July 28, Peru celebrates the Bicentennial of its Independence. Tacama has lived and been part of its history. This month we join the national celebration for the 200 anniversary with the campaign “200 reasons to celebrate”.  A patriotic love lesson includes a toast.

During July, Tacama commemorates the Bicentennial of Peruvian Independence with its campaign “200 reasons to celebrate”. Homage to the 200 anniversary and a call to all Peruvians to participate and toast with the brands of our portfolio for the country we want. “Through an optimistic message, we aspire to unite our consumers and together celebrate for all the good things. We want to invite them to think in building a path together, only then, we could celebrate Peru as we dream it”, affirms Mariela Gutelli, marketing manager. A more united, equal, diverse, proud, courageous, and inspired country. A country that, every day, gives us new reasons to toast.

Thus, the main phrase and protagonist of the campaign logo is “200 reasons to toast”. The number 200 is based on a geometric reticule, which plays the idea of construction —the Peru we longed-for accompanied by Tacama typography. Of course, it is a campaign inspired by the country's history. Tacama vineyard recognizes the origins and values of the Peruvian past. “As part of this appreciation to our roots, the graphic line of the campaign takes textile elements to a geometrization and abstraction level for its visual implementation and graphic development”, says Gutelli. At the same time, the photography of the campaign incorporates Peruvian textiles, food and crafts to value them. After all, if we don't know where we come from, we won't know where we're going.

It is a 360° campaign, because all the communication is given in the three brand digital channels —social networks, banners, newsletters—, in the airport —activations and advertising vinyls— and in minimarkets and liquor stores. “Also, we will soon work with ambassadors”, reveals Milagros Pacheco, Tacama digital analyst.



Tacama is a company which carries in its DNA the pride to be Peruvian. Its products are the result of centuries of history, experience and learning, proving its strong commitment with the consumer, wine and Pisco lovers. All the brands of its portfolio unify in this campaign with one concept: the celebration of Peruvian Bicentennial.

For example, the Pisco lines, which are, Demonio de los Andes, Gran Demonio and Mulita are included in the campaign. “There is no other alcoholic beverage more representative for Peru than Pisco. It has a long history that dates back to colonial times and the tradition and inexhaustible passion of generations and generations of Pisco lovers. What a better time to feel proud of our national products than this month!” assures Alexander Holender, professional bartender and brand ambassador.

In the campaign “200 reasons to celebrates”, Tacama proposes a toast with Demonio de los Andes, the oldest line, that possesses five labels  (Albilla, Italia, Moscatel, Quebranta and Acholado), or with Gran Demonio, the top line, that manage the same strains, but in Mosto Verde version, which imply, due to interrupted fermentation, a lower alcohol volume. In the same way, it is considered the Mulita line. “It is our youngest member and has two labels of Pisco: Acholado (merger of Albilla, Moscatel, Italia and Quebranta) and Quebranta”, explains Holender.

In this bicentennial, which is the best form to drink a Pisco?It is a beautiful distillate, elegant and expressive to drink alone in a glass. At the same time, for its versatility, it is easy to mix in cocktails. There is no wrong way. A toast to Peru and let’s enjoy what is ours!” adds Holender.

The campaign also has the presence of Don Manuel wines, a high-end line that appeals to celebration. With various awards and named in homage to Don Manuel Pablo Olaechea Dubois, Tacama ex-chairman of the board, the line includes two labels: Petit Verdot and Tannat. “They are grapes selected and picked by hand in the field. Then, they are taken to the winery, macerated and fermented under the highest standards. After that, the obtained wines are put to rest for 12 to 18 month in the first use French white oak barrels located in the Tacama underground cellar. The result: elegant, round and expressive of its tipicity wines”, explains the brand ambassador.

National day is around the corner. Cheers for a creative and passionate Peru, full of elegance, with infinite and delicious surprises! To join the Tacama Campaign, we only need to choose our favorite line- or the offer pack we want- and a reason. Why are you celebrating this Bicentennial

To acquire the special Bicentennial offers enter the web www.tacama.com/promociones. Get more information at www.tacama.com and/or check the official pages in Facebook and Instagram

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