The best chilcano pack is from Mulita

12 August 2021
Pack Chilcanero Mulita

There is no Pisco line more versatile than Mulita. It’s ideal for cocktails, and now, the protagonist of the first Chilcano pack of Tacama vineyard. As if that wasn’t enough, the packaging is intervened by the graphic artist Monks, whose universe is known for its anthropomorphic animals and psychedelia. This pack will be a must for all cocktails lovers.

The Mulita line was born in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, as a young, bold and versatile range. It started with Acholado, that mixes the Quebranta, Albilla, Moscatel and Italia strains; and this year Mulita Quebranta joined, elaborated with said grape. Its name is inspired by the mule, a strong, loyal, powerful and authentic animal. Its logo is based on “Pistolero”, a mule of Tacama vineyard.

“It is a versatile line and easy to use for cocktails. It makes them all fall in love with Pisco. It is an extremely expressive, elegant product with a delicious aroma that invites people to mix it”, says Alexander Holender, Tacama brand ambassador. Therefore, the brand has chosen Mulita to release, for the first time, a Chilcano pack. “This line is giving us much joy and we want to share and multiply it”, affirms Mariela Gutelli, Marketing Manager.

Chilcano, by the way, is one of the most traditional cocktails of Peru. Classic and fresh, it belongs to the Highball family, which has a main alcoholic part and other part of mixer or nonalcoholic beverage. “The Chilcano and others similar cocktails, that are prepared in glass, are easy and friendly for exploring new flavors and combinations”, says Holender. 



So, the Mulita Chilcano pack includes everything needed to prepare it and have a nice time: a bottle of Pisco Mulita 750 ml Acholado or Quebranta—, two bottles of Schweppes Citrus 500ml —mixer or nonalcoholic beverage— and a game of Dudo dice. With this pack, to be launched in August, Tacama wants to reach a larger audience with a proposal of an excellent price/quality correlation. 

There is another good announcement: proving the ludic and cool side of Mulita, Tacama called the artist Monks to intervene with the packaging. “For us it is important to open the game, generate interventions and having some packs with magical touches. What life would be without our artists? Refreshing the market with a bit of art is always good”, points the marketing manager.

Monks, Peruvian graphic artist and illustrator, has 10 years of experience. He has painted murals in festivals in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and USA. The color, the psychedelia and the anthropomorphic animals, which he names “alarakhos”, are part of his style. “Those are animals with attitude, a mixture between human and animal, like the movie Zootopia”, explains the artist

For the Mulita Chilcano pack box, Monks made a digital illustration. “Tacama introduced me to the Mulita character, a mule that is everybody's friend, the unconditional. Even when there were some brand alignments, they wanted me to give my point of view and felt my identity in the art. They allowed me to be free”, assures Monks. 

This way, in the packaging is seen the Mulita character accompanied with friends, according to Monks, that has in the field: a fox and a cat. “I imagined them in Lima, before COVID-19, on a party night”, details Monks. Mulita is waiting in the street, when the fox, in a skate, and the cat go to meet him. Elements such as the car and graffiti portray the city, and go joined by the mushroom, a characteristic element in Monk’s work. In addition, the box contains a cocktail recipe of Alexander Holender, Tacama exclusive bartender 

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