Bacchus 2021: The only Peruvian wine awarded who carrie the seal of Tacama’s vineyard

11 June 2021
Agronomo Felix

Known as Petit Verdot Tannat, Special Selection, this wine is the fusion between two French grapes that have well adapted in the Ica valley. Having the DNA of Tacama vineyard, it was the only Peruvian wine that won a medal in the XIX Bacchus Wine International Competition. A golden medal, as it deserves.


The appointment was in Madrid. There, it held the XIX edition of the Bacchus Wine International Competition. The contest was created by the Spanish Wine Tasting Union (UEC by its Spanish acronym) that organizes the three most important competitions in Spain. Moreover, since 2004 it is member of the World Federation of Major International Wine and Spirits competitions (VINOFED), which highlights its value worldwide, affirms César Huanachi, Head Sommerlier of Osaka.

This time, there were 1 692 wines of 15 different countries. The tasting was performed by 83 experts of 21 nationalities, among them, journalists, prescribers, Masters of Wine, enologists and sommeliers as Rasmus Marquart, Steffen Riis Christiansen, Tim Triptree, Gabriela Zimmer and Rocío Amador. “They perform blind tasting, as well as they make sure to have a right temperature and to use the same cup to evaluate all competitors with the same tools”, says Pedro Guerrero, sommelier of Tambo de Tacama.

The Great Medals such as Gold Bacchus and Silver Bacchus are awarded among a maximum of 30% participants. The Petit Verdot Tannat Special Selection of Tacama won a Gold Bacchus medal. “A Peruvian wine awarded with such medal represents the great advance that we are achieving and the direction that the elaboration of wines is taking in Peru”, mentions César Huanachi. Since 2015, Tacama has participated in Bacchus and we always win a medal. It is not enough to be a good wine to get a medal. It should be an outstanding wine and with a worldwide quality”, adds Frédéric Thibaut, enologist of Tacama. 



The Petit Verdot Tannat, Special Selection also has been the only awarded Peruvian wine in this edition of Bacchus. Behind the bottle, there is a history. It is the oldest member of the Special Selection Line of Tacama. It is made with two types of grapes, the Petit Verdot and the Tannat, both were imported from France at the beginning of the 80’s. “They quickly show a good adaptation to natural conditions of Ica”, reveals the enologist of the brand.

The Petit Verdot is an intense and delicate grape, it is difficult to harvest, it is very demanding in handicrafts and it is of low production. However, the result in the cup has only one characteristic: amazing. “It is from the Bordeaux area, I consider that it is finest and most female wine of Tacama”, admits Thibaut. Now, the winner wine also adds the Tannat grape, a generous strain. “It has its roots in Madiran so it offers potential, a structured, strong color and character wine. And, without any doubt, it blends perfectly with Petit Verdot”, indicates Frédéric Thibaut. 

Both types of grapes harvest and vinify separately. “Then, they are tasted and the blend is improved every year. There is not recipe to be repeated”, ensures Thibaut. In this way, we offer a wine with great harmony and strong personality. “The Petit Verdot Tannat Special Selection of Tacama has a good structure in mouth, it has a lot of persistence, power that is not exaggerated. It has a delicacy but without being short or thin. It has a lot of complexity in its aromatic range: black fruits – plum, cherry, blueberry – and spices”, affirms the enologists of Tacama. 



Next step: taste the Petit Verdot Tannat Special Selection of Tacama. It is recommended to serve 150 ml in a cup – preferable an Ouverture Double Magnum of Riedel that concentrates flavors – and with 16 . Place the bottle in the refrigerator for around 30 minutes to get the ideal temperature. 

It is a wine that can be served by itself; however, it goes perfect with different kind of foods. Our choice: Beef ragu pasta, ribs in the Arequipa style, lomo saltado, grilled skirt steak with chimichurri sauce or carapulcra with sopa seca. Attention, this last dish is a special one in the Tambo de Tacama restaurant. 

“All mentioned dishes have structure, density and smoked notes and sometimes they have spices and a little bit of fat that will be clean by tannins and acidity in wine, and it will help our palate for the next bite. Dishes or wine will not exceed the flavor of each other. It means, the harmony is the same” affirms the Tambo sommelier. Not a single drop left.

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