It is a special environment designed for the care and aging of our high-end wines. This privileged place is located at 7.5 meters deep and is the only one of its kind in Peru. It is only open to the public in the Don Manuel Tour, special tastings or private events.

For inquiries or reservations send an email to or call (+51) 01 218 3030 / 997542481 / 955124808

Pisco Tastings

Experience a tasting with the Peruvian flag drink.
Pisco Gran Demonio Albilla
Pisco Great Demon Muscat
Pisco Gran Demonio Acholado
Pisco Demon of the Andes Quebranta

Includes: Wines, water and toast.
Price per person S/ 55.00
Includes: Pisco, water and toasts.
Price with dessert pairing: S/ 70.00

*It is necessary to make a reservation for tasting in English.